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We’ve all seen the Vegas strip either on TV or in the movies and it can look deceivingly small, but do not be fooled. Every hotel on the strip is gargantuan and it can take a 10-minute walk just to get from one hotel to another.  Each hotel also holds its own individual attractions and casinos, so we’ve tried to give you everything you’re going to need right here.

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So all that’s left to say is: Viva Las Vegas!

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My love for Vegas

The city of sin beckons to many of us with promises of debauchery and untamed behavior.  Before I visited this adult playground, I was convinced that I was going to spend the majority of my time in a drunken haze, getting married by Elvis in front of the gaudy and tacky lights and taking home stories worthy of the Hangover franchise.  


Vegas however, is so much more than what I was expecting.


There is an unequivocal sense of excitement in this city, at all times of the day, and actually, there is a sense of innocent wonderment when you see what amazing things can be built and made by lots of imagination.


Vegas however, is not ‘real’ America, and its purpose is to cater to all of our needs.  It can be expensive and confusing, and I’ve heard lots of people say there isn’t much to do.  One of the reasons I love Vegas is because of the ways you can make this city anything you want it to be.


When I was first on my way to Vegas, we travel led in a big group with people who had already been.  This really gave us the head start we needed to figure the city out - we weren’t spending the first few days flailing about the place wondering how to get places. It really was a great advantage.


We also made good use of our travel guide.  Whenever I go somewhere new, I tend to use the Lonely Planet guides (other guides are available!)  I spent the week’s leading up to the trip using post-it notes to mark the things I wanted to see and going online to find useful tips and tricks.


So, fast forward to the end of an 11 hour flight and getting to the airport.  Of course, the first time you travel Vegas, you have to do it in style; a limo was definitely in order.  Honestly, I’ve never fancied one, but having a bottle of champagne whilst travelling through all of the famous hotels was pretty glitzy.  Well, I assume it would’ve been was I not wearing my comfy jeans, raggy sweatshirt with very greasy hair!


The second time I visited Vegas, it was a much more low key event.  A taxi from the airport for two people (still had the raggy sweatshirt and greasy hair – it’s traditional now). But it was like coming home. I was concerned that going in a couple might hamper the experience a bit, but I couldn’t be more wrong.  The benefits of being able to go where you wanted when you wanted actually made the whole experience more fun – and having fun has never been something my partner and I struggle with!


Both times, we focused more on the daytime things rather that the night time shows – honestly we spent all day walking and couldn’t muster up the strength to do much in the night other than drinking and gambling, which was sinfully delicious, but quiet.  Am I a little disappointed that I’ve never seen any of the shows? A little, but I know without a doubt that I’ll be back to Vegas soon enough and the next time things will be a little different.  The pools in Vegas are amazing and I would be more than happy to spend time lounging by them in the day and heading out to big shows in the night.  Actually, I have to stop planning the next trip – it’s getting me too excited!


As for the daytime activities there were so many to choose from – and not all of them have been done yet.  The first time we visited Vegas, we spent a lot of time just wondering around different hotels – actually did that the second time too. You can never appreciate how much there is to see in just a hotel or how many hotels there are until you visit. We spent some time at the Luxor’s exhibitions and spent the afternoon as a CSI officer at the CSI Experience at the MGM. The last time was much the same, but we spent the morning as Marvel Agents at Treasure Island and went to a shooting range – which was terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. Basically waiting to be head hunted by the security services now, I seem to have padded my CV quite a bit. We watched the day turn into night at Fremont street and enjoyed a few beverages while watching all the live bands and dancing in the street.  And shopping.  Lots of shopping!!!! There is nothing as amazing as shopping in Vegas – especially when they have the black Friday deals on.


I think the main reason I love Vegas so much is not for any reason that I could put into words.  It just got under my skin.  I’ll wake up some mornings and crave the dry heat on my skin, or the amazing breakfast at Ellis Island, or the sights, sounds and excitement of the gambling halls. But mainly, I just want to be there.  Walking out of the hotel just being part of the city.  Ambling along – day or night – taking everything in. I genuinely believe that you could never tire of it.  And when you do visit, you make memories that last a lifetime. 


In short, it’s amazing.  Just make sure you do your homework to get the best out of this incredible escape.