You may have heard of downtown Las Vegas, which is in fact a separate area to what is known as the main strip.  Downtown Vegas is around 5 miles north of the central Strip and is connected by the famous Las Vegas Boulevard.  Downtown is the oldest part of Vegas where Fremont Street was built in 1905 when Las Vegas was first founded. 


So what does Fremont Street offer?  Well for a start you will be able to find some of the most famous casinos on Fremont Street including, Binion's, Golden Gate Hotel and Casino, Golden Nugget, and Four Queens.   Have you ever recalled seeing the famous cowboy neon sign on TV  shows or films?  His name is Vegas Vic and Fremont Street is where you can find him.  Talking of neon signs, this area has abundance of them and as the Street is narrower than the Strip, it really comes to life and stands out especially if you time it and go at night.   In terms of entertainment there is plenty to do and see and the following are just some of the great things they offer there. There are stages on Fremont Street that offer free entertainment and concerts. For the dare devils, there are zip wires that you can ride the full length of Fremont Street.  You can also experience free light shows that run on the hour using the largest video screen in the world.  This screen is 1375 feet long and 90 feet wide, suspended above the street.  T

Fremont Street certainly gives a different perspective on Las Vegas, there are tons of things to do here and some really entertaining things to see.  If you do decide to give this place a visit then we recommend going at night to really soak up the atmosphere.

Please see the links below to all things Fremont Street to find out exactly what is on offer here.

Fremont Street Map
Four Queens Hotel Casino
Binions Hotel Casino
Golden Gate Hotel Casino
Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino
The D Hotel and Casino
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Crowd of people at concert - arms in the air


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