Four Queens Hotel and Casino

202 East Fremont Street

The casino opened in 1966 and named so after the builder who had 4 daughters.  The hotel started off with the Hotel operating 120 rooms and the casino floor being 20,000 sq ft.  Over the years the Casino has gone through some refurbishments and expansions and today the Hotel has 690 rooms available and 33,000 sq ft casino.  There's no surprise that it now takes up an entire block on Fremont Street!

If you fancy a little bit of romance and a bite to eat then check out Hugo's Cellar the on site restaurant.

Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino

129 Fremont Street

Built in 1946, the Golden Nugget goes down in history as one of Fremont Street's oldest Hotel and Casino.  The Hotel also boasts being the largest downtown with an whopping 2419 rooms.

What attraction might be here, a golden nugget perhaps?  What else!  You can visit the Hotel and Casino and view the largest nugget, the Hand of Faith, which is on display here.  The nugget was found in Australia using a metal detector and was only 12 inches below the surface.  It weighs in at 875 Troy ounces.  It was rumored to have been sold to the Golden Nugget for $1 million USD. 

Another draw for customers here are the two large aquariums full of varieties of fish and sharks.  One of the tanks runs off the swimming pool and  swimmers can take a slide which runs through the tank giving amazing views of the fish.  The other smaller aquarium can be viewed from the lobby and also offers a great view and something just that little bit different to people dinning at the Grotto.

Golden Gate Hotel and Casino

1 Fremont Street

The Golden Gate first or Hotel Nevada as it was known then, opened it's doors in 1905 in a pop up tent that was used as a temporary measure until the permanent building construction was complete in 1906.  This makes this Hotel and Casio the oldest downtown.  The Golden Gate also holds the record for the smallest Hotel with 122 rooms.

Since February 2017 the Golden Gate casino has been under construction as it will be expanding into the space which was La Bayou Casino.

Binions Gambling Hall

128 E. Fremont Street

Formally and sometimes now still referred to as the Binions Horseshoe.  The name came from Benny Bunion who was the founder in 1951 and the family ran the hotel and casino up until 2004.  The hotel has 366 rooms but closed in 2009 due to costs of renovation work and there is still no plans to reopen. 

There is a free opportunity to take your picture with $1 million USD, ranging from 1's to 100 bills stacked in a pyramid.  This can be found next to Club Binions and is open from 9:00 am - 11:30 pm daily. 

The D 

301 Fremont Street

The D opened in 1980 under the name Sundance Hotel but just a few years later in 1987 it switched hands and was renamed Fitzgerald's and had a Irish theme throughout.  In 2012 the Hotel changed hands again and became as we know it today as the D.  The D has 638 rooms, a pool and a 42,000 sq ft casino.  The Hotel benefits from a number of restaurants American Coney Island, Andiamo Steakhouse and the D Grill.  There is also the Long Bar, Vue bar and The D Bar to stop off if you fancy stopping off and enjoying a cold one.

little girl looking into giant tank of fish
shot of table game
close up of dollar bill
lady lying down by pool side
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