Heart Attack Grill

450 Fremont St, Las Vegas


If you like burgers,  themed restaurants, and lots of gimmicks then this is the place for you! Just to be warned however, Heart Attack Grill is not for the faint hearted and has caused some controversy with it's massive calorific menu.

On finding the venue you will be met with a huge neon sign 'Heart Attack Grill, over 350 lbs eat free'.  Yes you read it correctly!  Anyone over 350 lbs, you can get weighed inside the restaurant and get your meal for free.

On entering the venue you will notice that there is hospital theme, the customer being the patients and the staff dressed as nurses.  Each customer will be handed a hospital gown before being shown to the table.  There a a number of burger challenges available for anyone who likes the competition but be warned, for anyone who fails to eat all of their meal will be spanked by one of the nurses!

Mulitple plates with burgers in them
Grotto - Italian Restaurant

Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino, 129 E Fremont Street, Las Vegas

Lunch Menu

Dinner Menu

Wine Menu

Happy Hour


If you wish to take a little break away from the hustle and bustle on Fremont Street then maybe this little Italian restaurant will suit.  This place is a little hidden away and not obvious to many visitors but you will be able to find this next to the casino area inside the Golden Nugget. 


It boasts Italian foods such as homemade pasta and pizza, fresh antipasti, imported cheeses and cured meats.  You can enjoy all this food whilst taking in the views of the giant 200,000 gallon tank which houses 5 different species of shark. You don't get to do that every day!

Grotto also has a two happy hour slots:

  • Monday - Friday: 2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m

  • Sunday - Thursday: 10:30 p.m. – 12:00 a.m

The happy hours offer some good food and drink deals so it maybe worth factoring in these if you plan to visit. 

A man kneeding dough
Hugo's Cellar

Four Queens Casino Hotel, 202 Fremont Street, Las Vegas



This largely popular restaurant can be found on Fremont Street, inside the Four Queens Casino.  There is a romantic, elegant ambiance, great if you want to plan that special meal for you and your partner.  This restaurant adds that extra little touch by handing ladies a rose when being shown to their table. 


For wine lovers, this place is worth a consideration.  There is an extensive list of wines available here and offers wines to meet every taste and budget.

A couple toasting wine over dinner
Oscar's Steakhouse

Plaza Hotel, 1 Main Street, Las Vegas



If you fancy splashing out one night then you will find this little gem at the end of Fremont Street in the Plaza Hotel.  This place is positioned in a dome like part of the Plaza building which gives dinners a fantastic view of Fremont Street......just don't forget your camera!

The restaurant serves a great selection of steaks but there are also other options available here such as seafood, pork, lamb and vegetarian.

Oscar's also have some great offers throughout the week:

Daily Happy hour - 4-7 pm, 50% off appetizers and selected drinks

Wednesday Local night - happy hour all night

Thursday Ladies Nigher - 4-7 pm, 50% off drinks for ladies

Mickie Finnz

425 Fremont St, Las Vegas


Mickie Finnz is a type of pub grub type of place that has a great mixture of food from seafood to Mexican which is really reasonably priced.  This place is great if your group also fancy some alcohol drinks and they put on some great offers throughout the week for food and drink.  They do also have some entertainment throughout the week and put on some greats bands inside the bar.

If you fancy a little something different, Mickie Finnz has a grabber machine full of live lobsters, you pay $2 dollars to have a go and if you succeed they will cook it for you.  Worth a go for a $2 lobster dinner!