Las Vegas or sometimes referred to as 'Sin City' due to the legal adult entertainment available here is primarily famous for things such as dinning, gambling, nightlife and entertainment.  Las Vegas is located in the Mojave Desert, Nevada and because of this, it sees very little rain throughout the year.  More recently Las Vegas has also gained the nickname'The City that never sleeps' due to almost everything being open 24 hours a day! 

Getting Around


Las Vegas is mainly split up of two main areas:

The Strip - This area runs South of Las Vegas Boulevard, it's just over 4 miles long and this is where you will find all the famous hotels and casinos you have heard of such as Caesars Palace and The Bellagio.  Whilst on the Strip you will notice that there is a buzz in the air as there is so much to see here!  There are a number of themed areas around the strip such as Egyptian at the Luxor, Italian at the Venetian, French at Paris and many, many, many more.  This is the area where you can also watch fountains dance in time to music and volcanoes erupt and this is also the location to the famous 'Welcome to Las Vegas' sign.

Fremont Street - This street is located in the downtown areas of Las Vegas and is home of the famous Golden Nugget Casino.  This area is much smaller in comparison to the Strip but offers a different experience to the visitor. Fremont street is lined with bars, shops, casinos,restaurants and entertainment.  The street is also has 3 stages, each of these provides entertainment throughout the evening.  Most of Fremont Street is also undercover from an overhead tunnel like dome.  This canopy provides an overhead light show at night time.  And for any thrill seekers out there, you will find a 114 feet high zip wire which you can fly the length of Fremont street!


A big thing to consider when planning your trip to Las Vegas is the time of year you are thinking of going.  The temperature in Vegas can be extreme and differs throughout the year and can really make or break your holiday. Because Vegas is situated in the desert the summers here are blisteringly hot and the winter months are much cooler in comparison.

Spring and Autumn are good times to visit Vegas as the weather is much cooler at these times of the year.  This will enable the visitor to walk around with ease and you will not have to take cover in the air conditioned casinos.  

The summer months are extremely hot and not for the faint hearted!  If you like heat and plan to do the pool scene then this might be the right time of year for you.  

Local Laws

For anyone who is planning to have a few drinks in Vegas then you will need to be aware that the Law permits an age restriction of 21 for drinking and buying of alcohol in the state of Nevada.  There are few restrictions other than this in regards to alcohol - it is permitted to carry and drink alcohol on the streets of Las Vegas.

Smoking is not permitted within restaurants or places that service food but you will find that you are able to smoke in the majority of casinos and some bars.

Time Zone

Las Vegas is -8 hours Pacific Standard time of Greenwhich mean time during early November through to early March.  The rest of the year, Pacific Daylight Time of Greenwhich mean time is -7 hours.