During your time in Vegas you may be thinking about the best way of getting around the strip, how to get to and from the airport or travelling to other areas.  Please see the options below which gives some more information and some hints and tips on each of the forms of transport.


There are two types of buses you can board to travel around Vegas, these are the SDX and Deuce.  You can view the Map to locate the stops near your location and discover the destinations of travel.

These two buses cover from the North, Freemont Street to the south Shopping Centres.  I really can’t express enough how much this service can really help your Las Vegas experience and your feet!  Las Vegas is very deceiving and somewhere that looks like its just across the street will in reality be quite a trek.  As you start travelling around and trying to fit in as many of the sites as possible you will soon find that your feet hurt and you don’t have time to fit it all the places you wanted to see.  To help with this if you buy one of the day tickets you will be able to jump on and off the buses as much as you like and really take the load off.

You will be able to buy your tickets in advance from the bus stops where there are the vending machines.  At a lot of these stops there are also leaflets which will provide information about the buses and include a map of the stops for each of the services.  These are very useful if you plan to use this service frequently as you will be able to plan on your journeys and where to get on and off the buses.


There are 3 levels available:

2 hr = $6

1 day = $8

3 day = $20 – can only be bought on board Deuce


When you are on the strip please be aware that you will be unable to hail a cab on the roadside.  To get a cab you can simply go to any hotel on the strip and use the taxi ranks provided there.

Taxis can be an expensive way to travel around the strip if you take into consideration the other options you have on offer.  I recommend that for most of the strip and downtown Vegas travel you use the buses as this can be much more cost effective.

If you want an estimate on how much a fare will cost between locations please use this link that will direct you to an app that will help give you an idea of the costs.

If you don’t have a connection from the airport and there are just a few of you then I would recommend getting into a taxi.  As a word of warning there are two routes a taxi driver can take back to the strip.  The first is to take the tunnel, this route has a greater distance but it will get you to the strip the fastest.  The second route is not to take the tunnel and this will take you longer to get to the strip but it covers a smaller distance.  Of course the route that takes the quickest does cost more so you will have weigh up what is more important to you.


You will notice when you get to the strip that there is a small monorail system located along part of the strip.  The monorail is 6.3km long,it starts and the MGM Grand and ends at the Sahara Avenue.  You can view a map of the route here.  The monorail itself isn’t located on the strip, so to get on or off you will have to walk through casinos to get to it.

The prices of traveling the monorail can be a bit pricey with a day ticket costing $5 for a single trip or $12 for an all-day pass.